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Over 50s car insurance

Your needs and experience catered for, with over 50s car insurance from Saga
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Defaqto 5 star rating 2021

Get over 50s car insurance with a 3-year fixed price, designed for experienced drivers

When you have years of safe driving experience under your belt, you know what you’re looking for when it comes to car insurance, and Saga’s car insurance policies will cater to most common needs. Saga’s over 50s car insurance is designed specifically to give you the right levels of cover for you and your car, with the full range of benefits you’d expect.

Is car insurance for over 50s cheaper?

Over 50s car insurance can be cheaper, as age always plays a part when it comes to determining your insurance premium. The over 50s are considered to be one of the safest groups of drivers on the road. In 2020, Department for Transport statistics show that car drivers aged 50-59 were involved in only 12% of reported road accidents in the UK.

Drivers over 50 generally are considered a sound group to insure as they are likely to:

  • take fewer risks
  • stay within speed limits
  • drive fewer miles
  • be more experienced in driving
  • have good no claims history

So when it comes to car insurance for over 50s, UK insurers are able to offer premiums based on this statistical evidence.

Getting cheap car insurance for over 50s is less important than ensuring you have the right cover for your needs. And even though targeted over 50s car insurance may not always be the cheapest option, the range of benefits that are often included can mean they are well worth considering.

Remember, it’s always worth checking policy details and suitability for your needs to make sure you’re getting the best over 50s car insurance for you.

What are the benefits of over 50s car insurance?

Unlike more general policies, there are added benefits to buying over 50s car insurance through a specialist provider like Saga.

Age and driving experience will help to keep your premium costs affordable, and specific benefits can be particularly relevant, including:

  • No upper age limit – get insurance whatever your age
  • Emergency any-driver cover – if you have a medical emergency during a journey, any driver can take over or bring your car back home
  • Unlimited European driving – you're also covered when you're driving in the EU (some restrictions apply)
  • Onward taxi travel – And with Saga Plus, if you have an accident in the UK and your car's too damaged to drive, we'll arrange a taxi to take you anywhere in the country

As a specialist provider of car insurance for over 50s in the UK, we can tailor our policies for your specific needs.

What types of car insurance for over 50 are there?

Car insurance for over 50s drivers varies based on how much cover you need. There are three different types of over 50s car insurance:

  • Third party – covers damage to a third party, whether that’s another vehicle, a building or person - but not the cost of repairing or replacing your car.
  • Third party, fire and theft – third party, plus cover for your vehicle following fire or theft.
  • Comprehensive – covers damage to your car and its occupants, someone else’s car and its occupants, belongings inside your car, vandalism, and may give you a courtesy car if yours can’t be used due to an accident.

Third party insurance is the legal minimum you need to drive your car in the UK, but many people find that Comprehensive cover will give them the most peace of mind.

Saga offer two different levels of over 50s car insurance cover, Saga Plus and Saga Select, both are Comprehensive and offer the same great Saga service so you can choose the most suitable policy for your needs and budget.

  • Saga Select – no-nonsense car insurance that includes great features such as uninsured driver cover and emergency any-driver cover.
  • Saga Plus – our top cover level with added extras including 3-year fixed price cover (if nothing changes - T&Cs apply), medical treatment after an accident and key protection.

Want to know more about our car insurance for over 50s? Get a quote

What add-ons are available with Saga’s car insurance for over 50s?

As well as the standard insurance benefits that come with Saga’s over 50s car insurance, we also offer a range of options for additional cover, including:

  • Saga Breakdown Assistance – to keep you on the road. It can be added to your policy at a discounted rate.
  • Legal Protection – standard with our Saga Plus cover level, but can also be added to a Saga Select policy as an optional extra at any time.
  • Replacement car extension – our Comprehensive policies include a replacement car as standard if an approved repairer is repairing your car following an accident in the UK. For an additional cost we can also offer you a replacement car if yours is stolen or written off - keeping you mobile and giving you time to find and purchase a new vehicle.
  • Increased Personal Accident – our Comprehensive policies include £5,000 compensation for selected serious injuries as standard. Increased Personal Accident extends cover for serious injuries or accidental death from £5,000 up to £50,000 per person. Although it’s unlikely you'll ever need to make a claim, if the worst does happen the benefit paid out could be substantial and help to compensate for things like loss of earnings, making adjustments to your home, or even just to help paying for things like taxis to medical appointments.
  • Key Protection - included as standard with Saga Plus and an optional extra for Saga Select, we'll cover up to £2,500 per claim and, with us, you even get up to £50 for wear and tear. You won't have to pay an excess and your No Claim Discount won't be affected.

Read all the details about additional cover options for our over 50s car insurance.

Why choose Saga over 50s car insurance?

Saga over 50s car insurance is designed specifically for people over 50 and takes into account the risks and rewards specific to your age group.

Our car insurance policies are underwritten by a number of carefully selected insurers that, like us, are committed to providing high standards of quality and service for over 50s car insurance.

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Car insurance FAQs

You don’t need to have a health check to take out over 50s car insurance. However, if you have an existing medical condition that affects your driving you must declare it to the DVLA and to your insurance provider.

You can check if you have a condition that needs to be reported on the DVLA website. You can be fined up to £1,000 if you do not report a medical condition that affects your driving.

Usually you would expect over 50s car insurance to be lower than for people in higher risk age groups. But there are some factors which would influence the cost of car insurance for those over 50 negatively due to a perceived higher risk, including:

  • High number of previous claims
  • Driving convictions or points on your licence
  • Higher mileage requirements
  • Once your age reaches 70 or 80

Cheap car insurance for over 50s is not always the best cover, so always check the full details of any policy you are considering to make sure it will meet all your needs.

Age and driving experience are big factors in determining the best car insurance for over 50s. In addition, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you benefit when it comes to searching out cheap car insurance for over 50s.

  • Increase your voluntary excess – accepting a higher excess can reduce your premium, as long as you would be able to pay for any damage if you do have an accident. Please note, not all claims require you to pay an excess.
  • Improve car security – park your car in a locked garage or private driveway where possible, and always make sure your car’s secured and fully locked before you leave it.
  • Drive fewer miles – lower mileage means lower risk, but you must be as accurate as possible with the number of miles you plan to drive, or risk invalidating your cover.
  • Check your extras - only buy the cover you actually need, to make sure you have the right cover for your use.
  • Pay annually – this option is usually cheaper than paying monthly for insurance.

Find out more. Get a Saga over 50s car insurance quote online.

You’ll need to be over 50 to qualify for our car insurance, but there is no upper age limit. As long as you’re well enough to drive and not affected by any medical conditions that prevent you from driving safely, then we’ll continue to insure you, subject to our usual terms and conditions.

There’s no maximum legal age for driving in the UK, so you’re free to continue driving as long as you are fit enough to do so. You will need to renew your driving licence at 70.

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